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Best Gaming Processors

Best Gaming Processors

Most of us go for the general CPU or the processing Unit combined with our PC or Desktop, tech freaks, on the other hand, know the fact that our range of expectations and use play a vital role in order to decide the better Processor for our device. We will discuss the best available option as the Gaming Processors available to buy in the market, one of the top rated and far-sighted feature need to search for the Gaming Processor is higher RAM.


You like to play games with mesmerizing setting and graphics than the higher range of graphic card to support the changes and the available options are important need. Gaming freaks need to stop there browsing attempt as we have combined here the list of best available option for the gaming experience that surely offers a great gaming experience and also allows hassle free gaming with an advanced feature that leads no force stop or hangs the device.

The Gaming processors listed are top recommended by the gamers based on their reviews over different gaming sites. High performance, storage quality, graphic cards and most importantly RAM is few features to consider while buying Gaming processors.

  1. Intel Core i7-6700K

The processor launched by the famous developer Skylake architecture is one of the few options to be considered with a reasonable price tag and ability to perform well with the burden of heavy games in the system as the processor is designed exclusively to handle the bulky processor and external loads of games. Some of the top rated features of the Processor includes to get frames faster, higher frequency, add-in cards, and tons of choices available as I/O with reasonable price tag.

  1. Intel Core i5-6500

Another processor from the famous Skylake Architecture carries the frequency with turbo charge and marks 3.2(3.6) GHz with 4 cores or module thread. The Core i5-6500 carries the LGA 1151 interface and the Gaming Processor carries many things in common with many things and function in common with Intel’s Z170 controller hub and it also supports PCIe-based storage with RAID and many choices available USB 3.0 ports. Some of the other top-rated features in the Gaming Processor includes physical cores, 6MB last level Cache, 8GT link, and DDR4 memory support.

  1. AMD FX 8300

The processor is highly recommended as the best available choice as a gaming console and helps to function multi-tasking easily with smart performing RAM that helps to combine working force smoothly without affecting the performance of PC. The CPU generally works and generates power in between 3.3 and 4.2 GHz. AMD is a great option to swap general Intel processors with whopping performance and affordable price range.




  1. Intel Core i3-6100

The price and the performance rate of the i3-6100 are available as the same working base with the Haswell-based Core i3-4170. Some of the top rated features that lead the positioning of the Processor at second spot is PCIe 3.0 connectivity and PCIe-based SSDs and faster link to the processor. The processor ensures immediate storage option with grasping speed and discrete graphics that enhances the beauty and manner of the game. The performance of the Intel Core Processor is combined with a dual-core processor and marked with the presence of Hyper-Threading Technology.

01 AMD Athlon X4 860K

The top available choice as the Gaming Processor AMD Athlon X4 860K is offering a great value for money processor with updated version that checks the gaming manner with smart features. The top rated other features included in the list are two Steamroller modules that have the ability to work with four threads at once. The Processor becomes an obvious choice for discrete GPU.

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