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Best Shopping Site in India

 Best Shopping Site in India

Online shopping has been emerged like a revolution now a days especially in big cities. Who is not eager and interested in online shopping? Weightage of preference for online shopping seems high than that of people not opting it. People are trying to learn and accept the online shopping as a very convenient means for shopping especially by young generation, and to some extent elderly generation. Everything has its own limitation, same do exist in online shopping but we can’t deny with the fact that it has made life of people very easier and hassle free by saving time and money, and accessing various quality products from a place.
Some of the best shopping site are listed down. These ratings are done on the basis of average of customer rating and analysis of customer review of the respective sites by collecting some samples randomly.

  1. Homeshop18 (http://www.homeshop18.com/)


-This is also one of the popular website preferred for online shopping. Though it is not able to attract large number of customers like that of other site, it has managed to extend its service in terms of coverage.
-It seems to offer high discount especially for the products preferred by the women and girls. This site is mostly preferred by customers for lot purchase of kitchen items, dresses and interior décor but it covers electronic and furnishing items as well.In terms of quality products it’s good but it can’t be trusted for emergency purchase as it does not provide express delivery.



  1. com (http://www.jabong.com/)

-The main reason to choose this website for shopping is its quality product and trust with quality as it is an American company. It’s a paradise of number of clothes and accessories so we can say that women do prefer it more than man.

-All kinds of Western wear, Ethnic wear, Casual wear and other types are available at reasonable prices (sometimes high discount) so it would be fun to select dress from room as quality is given high priority by this site.


  1. Snapdeal(https://www.snapdeal.com/)

-It is completely India based site which is able to seek customers’ attention by offering a high discount. If you are really thinking of buying items at low and cheap price, snapdeal can be the best choice among others.

-It covers almost all items in its lists either it be electronic, dress, furniture, etc. However, many complaints can be seen from the customers regarding low standard delivery and products. Still it is able to rule the market in retaining the customers trust.


  1. in (http://www.amazon.in/)

-It claims to be the India’s largest online store in terms of products availability. It is an American company providing its services in India and other parts of world as well.

-Almost all items of electronic nature, clothes and accessories, furnishing items, books, etc. are available in its store. It is highly preferred for its delivery service and return/replacement. Customers are seen to have high level of satisfaction purchasing from this site. People prefer this site especially for goods availability and has minimum chances of out of stock for most of the product.


  1. Flipkart (https://www.flipkart.com/)

-It’s a leading online brand for online shopping in India as entire country people is dependent on flipkart for shopping. Not only electronics, clothes and home appliances, it sells gift vouchers to facilitate purchase. Some statistics has revealed that there are more items available on flipkart than in mall.

-Though amazon gives neck to neck competition to flipkart, most of the Indians are highly reliant on it as it has maintained standard in all respect. Needless to tell that it offers highly competitive price and quality.


Ultimately it’s your call to go online for shopping or not. But, the websites mentioned above are truly helpful for the buyers. A lot of time and money can be saved opting online purchase. Every websites are good in some respect but we generally prefer those website where we are more inclined in satisfaction.

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