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Hero Ion Hydrogen Fuel Bike Features

Hero Ion Hydrogen Fuel Bike Features
In an ever-evolving world of today, the need for futuristic innovation is at an all-time high. The world is fast pacing into making the future-based augmentation into reality within ashort span. And herein comes the point of having the concept based motor vehicles.

We have been witnessing a change in the current fiasco of motor products. So off we went in search of one such conceptual futuristic product in form of Hero Ion Hydrogen Fuel Bike. Read along as we’d be picking up on ‘Hero Ion Hydrogen Fuel Bike Features’.


What’s Hero Ion?

For commoners, it’s a concept-laden motorbike that runs on hydrogen fuel cell. You serious? You bet we are. It helps in maintaining the carbon cycle amidst complying the need for apleasant Hero Ion was unveiled in a motor expo back in 2014 and quickly garnered great praise from the crowds.
Furthermore, the motorbike is pronounced as the ‘ee-on’ rather than the methodological ‘eye-on’.
Engine and Specs

The conceptual hydrogen fuel cell powered bike from Hero MotoCorp is powered with Li-Air batteries that help navigate it around. It has Hydrogen fuel extender with super capacitors as the energy and the brake sources. It also has a liquid cooling system.
The Lithium-Air battery remains one of the highest density held yet the lightest batteries around. The battery has a storage density of 12kWh/kg about on par with the petrol based engines.
The bike can reach a speed of 0-100 km/hr. within 5 seconds and has a top speed of 160 km/hr. The battery also offers 300 km ride on afull

The bike features stunning graphics that are certainly a crowd puller. It sports high dazzling graphics with theergonomically designed framework. The bike is laden with vehicle control module that helps in controlling the workings of the bike.
It uses electronic force mapping to control the suspension and tractions. Add the hubless tires to it and Hero Ion stands as a certain drawer. It has zero friction adhering to magnetic levitation technology that provides superior grip.
It has adigital instrument panel that showcases speedometer, tachometer, trip meter and fuel gauge.

Hero Ion would be one of the charming pieces to ride on the Indian roads, albeit if it is released in theconsumer The bike comes with flex axis steering that helps in better maneuverability.
The suspension system bears center power module with maintains stability at all times. The bike also packs in multi-axis gyroscope along with accelerometers.
Safety Procurements

Hero MotoCorp has duly attended the need for safety feature with the Ion bike. The bike is wired with electronic sensors that prevent on-road collisions. The feature also helps keep the traffic situation in check and lets the elemental offerings like power, suspensions, and brakes in perfect conditioning.
Furthermore, Ion bike also has a digital instrument panel that stores the key data of the rider and helps render entire information in cases of need.
Well, time’s changing and so is the concept of bikes. Hero MotoCorp duly tried its hand at the ergonomic Ion Hydrogen Bike and availed keen inquiries. All that is left is for them to unleash it onto the road. After all, Hero Ion deserves a crack on the roads, doesn’t it?

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