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Places to Visit and Things to Do in Kerala

Places to Visit and Things to Do in Kerala

Kerala, often known as the ‘God’s own Country’ lies of the southernmost part of India. The place is a perfect blend of tropical south Indian state with a unique culture and picturesque settings. In an era where fast-paced is the prime motto for us, Kerala presents itself as a timeless rejuvenating destination for many. No doubt, why Kerala is reckoned as the best getaway for relaxing passage.


So off we went in search of the best bits of Kerala and have outlined the top places to visit down on our blog. Seek out the heavenly passage in our ‘Places to Visit and Things to Do in Kerala’.


1) Experience the cruise on the backwaters of Alleppey

  • No trip to these ‘God’s own country is complete without a trip on the Kerala’s backwaters on a houseboat in Alleppey. The place presents a serene

    tranquil setup along with lush-green landscape, diverse wildlife and more. A journey that seeps memorable backdrop for Kerala outing, the cruise on the backwaters is a must.

2)Coast along the traditional village life

  • The cruise on the backwaters is often backed by an outing in the traditional village setup to enjoy their reckoning of life. Kerala’s backwaters have villages that present a different setup to the one we’ve hastily faced in the fast-paced cities. It’s a trip back into time. One can enjoy meals with the local villagers and share their aptitude of life.


3) Elephant Bathing in Kodanad

  • Well if you’ve imagined giving abath to an elephant, then Kerala presents a perfect outing for it. The Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary, lying 42 km from Kochi provides elephant bath, elephant safari and feeding. More so, you can even enjoy the company of baby elephants too. Time to jolt to Kerala, then!


4)Foresee Kathakali and Theyyam performances

  • Kathakali, an ancient dance-drama native to the Kerala bystanders, is one to watch for. Its features of the subtle dance move alongside interpreting the mythological stories all along. The dance is hailed as one of the hardest to perfect.
  • Meanwhile, Theyyam is a ritual that is part of the small town of Kannur in Northern Kerala. It’s generally foreseen in the season starting from October to May. Kerala Tourism also offers a comprehensive promotion on Theyyam.


5) Savor Kerala’s Ancient Martial Arts in Thekkady

  • Kerala is home to ancient martial art names as Kalaripayattu. It involves high functioning kicks, preset forms, strikes, weaponry and healing methodology. Kalaripayattu is performed at Kadathanadan Kalari Center placed in Thekkady.



6) Enjoy Ayurvedic treatment

  • Ayurveda is hailed as the core medicinal side of the ancient yoga and is highly sought even in these modern times. Ayurveda involves natural healing method that helps seek counters urgency against multiple diseases. Kerala, adhering to its climatic condition, is home to abundant medicinal plants and herbs. As such, Kerala is famed for top-notch ayurvedic treatments. Relieve yourself with either a simple message or a special treatment that you have sought for long.


7) Witness the Snake Boat Race in Alappuzha

  • The only one of its kind, snake boat race is home to Alappuzha of Kerala. The race is held from July to September and falls precisely on the Onam festival of Kerala. One can either enjoy the broiling race or even take part in the outing.



If you’re not yet acquainted with the aforementioned ones, you can also enjoy the tree and coffee plantation along with a trip into the architectural beauties of Kerala. Go on, don’t let the trip to ‘God’s Own Country-Kerala’ elude you for long.





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