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Top 5 Android Launcher 2016

Top 5 Android Launcher 2016

The best part about Android devices are – they are all open for optimization and modification. People who love to change a whole lot in the interface of their smartphone should definitely get an Android device rather than iOS or any other platforms, because iOS wouldn’t simply let a user change the icon style or even their location. Android Launchers are very popular because they allow for a major change in the way a device looks and feels to the user, and also how it creates a medium for user-device interaction. There are plenty of Android launchers in the Google Play Store, but which ones are topping the best 5 list in 2016?


Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher is apparently the best launcher for Android devices with manufacturer customized user interfaces. For example, Xiaomi smartphones are heavily modified with MIUI features thus the original Android outlook is mostly absent on that. A user could just download the Google Now Launcher and get the stock Android UI feel alongside Google Now Cards. Basically, Google Now Launcher provides a Nexus device-like interface on any Android device. It’s fast, smooth and very stable.


Action Launcher 3

Do you prefer a fancy launcher for your smartphone? Something that’s not available in basic user interfaces provided by the regular OEM launchers, but great in terms of feature and customization. If so, Action Launcher 3 is the perfect Android launcher you are looking for. It looks like a custom launcher with loads of smooth animations and slide-in drawers, shutters and tweaks and customizable quick bar. The way user interacts with the icons is slightly different, but one can easily get used to Action Launcher 3.


Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher offers the best stock Android UI for almost any Android device. The cleanliness is almost like the Google Now Launcher, but there’s a lot more feature embedded within. For example, holding down an icon for long in the home screen pops up no additional options in the Google Now Launcher but does in Nova. Nova Settings offer user-oriented options for easier interaction between the phone and the user, also a cloud-backup of a layout so that user can get their old look back right after a phone reset.


Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher has been around for a very long time already, almost since the time Google Play Store (former Android Market) started becoming popular. Only a few extra features are added on top of the vanilla Android interface and that’s for the good, because a lot of old Android device users still prefer the clean stock outlook and maybe their phones don’t support Google Now Launcher; hence Apex Launcher.


Arrow Launcher

Arrow Launcher gets mixed reviews from the user base, because it’s not exactly a clean Android launcher rather a heavily modified user interface that focuses on putting mostly used apps, necessary shortcuts and contacts on the home screen in an easily accessible manner. People who need to use several apps on a daily basis for business, call a specific group of people for the same – they would fine Arrow Launcher useful.



Almost all these browsers are lightweight and doesn’t take a toll on RAM and battery, but if your smartphone is older than 3 years you should probably stick to the original UI your phone came with.

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