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Top 5 Best Successful Startups in India

Top 5 Best Successful Startups in India
The company which rapidly develops themselves to a scalable business model and set themselves as a standard in the market is called the successful startup. Generally, the entrepreneurs integrate advanced technology, latest ideas and innovative inputs, e-commerce and computers to make their startup successful. Those who make the startups successful have given lots of time in research and validation of market demand and worked out with ahigh effort to make it successful. Let’s take a view to some of the successful startups in India.


5. Big Basket

-Big Basket is the largest online grocery and food store in India which sells more than 1000 brands with few of products under its own brand names like Fresho, Popular, and Royal. It provides its service in the major cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai where customers can pay online or Cash on Delivery.

-Due to its popularity and demand, its CEO is planning to extend its service to 50 more cities and expand the warehouse area by 35000 sq. feet so avoid out of stock situation. It was started in December 2011 and successfully attracted a large number of buyers.

4. ShopClues

-Focusing on small entrepreneurs ShopClues was started in India for outfitting to second and third tier markets and make them accessible to reach on thelarge part of thenation. It has not categorized its products focusing only on brand but it has presented itself as ‘Bazaar Approach’ but not considered in the quality of products.

-Starting in January 2012, it claims now to have 130,000 sellers, monthly transaction around 2 million and nearly 70 million monthly visitors. It has registered itself to achieve of 600% year on year since it was started.

3. Ola

-It is one of the popular local startup in India which covered the market in very speed rate by providing economy sedans, luxury cars, auto, mini/micro and hatchbacks. Toyota Innova and Chevrolet Taxi Cabs are mostly used by Ola to provide service. Starting its service from 100 cities, it has now doubled it to 200 cities in India.

-Users can book cabs online by mobile devices through Ola App and pay either online or after making a ride. It has now launched a food on-demand service naming it Ola Cafe and acquired its rival TaxiForSure (along with its vehicle).

2. Hike Messenger

-The hike is a very popular messaging app that operates on data or Wi-Fi having an extraordinary feature of Offline SMS. Launched in 2012, it has made itself capable of growing itself as one of the leading messaging apps with around 40 million users. More than 80% of hike user are below theage of 25.

-It has got features like hidden mode chat, high capacity file transfer (up to 100MB) and other privacy settings. Focusing on the Indian users it has exclusively developed the localized stickers covering every state language, movies, festivals, occasions and much more which in short time lifted the level of hike to thehigh point making it a successful startup in India.

1. Flipkart

-It has become the brand itself making one’s position as a leading online retailer. The growth achieved by it in last 2 Year is unmatchable to other startups. It has included everything in its online store like electronics, clothes, furniture, accessories, books and much more giving a wide option for the customers to choose its product.

-Making apartnership with Mobikwik is has made more coverage in terms of customers. Time and again it is making sales in millions and in billions (in special occasion) has made it most liked and reliable platform for shopping. Many Global Investors have invested in Flipkart and many of them are still willing which proves it to be the best as a successful startup.

Here today we have known about the highly successful startups in India which have covered the mind of people and market in no time. They have set an example that new idea and innovation deserve the recognition and success. They have proved it.

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