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Top 5 Best Video Editing Software

Top 5 Best Video Editing Software

Every videoneeds to be edited to add effects, animation and make it look more attractive. After the production of thevideo it is imported to video editing software and different expurgation like cropping, adding text, clip arts, themes are done to make it look more expressive. It is used for professional purposes or personal. Generally, this software works on Non- Liner Editing System (NLE). NLE has advanced their tool set which includes lots of feature like color manipulation, titling, visual effects and background audio mixing to be synchronized with the contents of video and export it in therequired format. Top 5 highly preferred video tools are discussed in order of their ranking as per simplicity of use.


5. WondershareFillmore
-The most preferred video editing tool for the beginner who wants to do basic editing. It was earlier called Wondershare Video Editor. Apart from basic, it has got theoption to do advanced editing as we start learning further.
-It has got two modes: ‘Easy Mode’ which kicks away the complexities and do basic editing like adding music, add theme and crop the part of thevideo in less time. Another one is ‘Full Featured Mode’ which is capable of adding a number of filters, clip reverse, split screen, etc. and produces theawesome video.
4. Blender
-To produce atruly proficient quality video by the unskillful person, blender is the solid option as functions available in it are awesome. It’s a full-blown 3D animation set that is capable of motion tracking, sculpting, transcription and other advanced feature.
-It has got 100s of feature including riddles, speed control, layers to make alterations, audio clip, adding further video, multiple transitions, add animage, etc. which can produce anamazingly multifaceted video with less time and effort.

3. WeVideo (Cloud-Based)
-First of all, it is to be known that it is a cloud-based video editing software which we access via a browser instead of downloading it. Since we are concerned about the space of hard drive this tool is gaining popularity nowadays. Free versions of WeVideo comes with a number of limitations.
-The major drawback is that it gives theonly 5GB of cloud storage so it will be quite insufficient to add and edit multiple videos. Some major features are that it allows advanced editing of audio, provides licensed music, etc.
-It adds watermark in the free version but it’s worth using paid version as it has got much more advanced feature than other video editing software.

2. Avidemux
-It is the video editing software incorporated with few more tricks than the other video-editing tools with making any loss in the video quality. It provides all types of basic and advanced editing but audio editing is not available.
-The features like brightness control, rotate clips, flip videos, adding subtitles, color adjustments are available in it and it is capable of importing videos of multiple formats like AVI, MP4, MPEG and DVD and export to same. It is slightly sharper than other editing software.

1. Machete Video Editor Lite
-Being very simple in nature it has got the basic features like cut, copy and paste different sections of video without reducing the quality of video even after slicing. The person having zero video editing knowledge also can use it in asmooth flow.
-The drawback of this is that it supports only two formats which are AVI and WMV, lacks audio editing and it is not capable of giving additional effects to the video. It can be great for the starters to make video smooth.

Here, we have come to know the names of video editing software and the feature attached to it. The ranking is done on the basis of simplicity of use. You can choose them as per the complexion of video that is to be produced.

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