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Top 5 Icon Packs for Android 2016

Top 5 Icon Packs for Android 2016

Android can take any modification you throw at it – from scratch to the surface level. Such optimization is not just hard, but almost impossible to find in any other smartphone platform and that’s one reason why Android is loved by the advanced users of smartphones. Icon packs are available in the Google Play Store mostly for free, although a few premium titles would go for a price. An icon pack along with a specific launcher or theme pack could provide complete transformation for an Android device. With these top 5 icon packs for Android, one would be able to tweak their Android smartphone in quite a gorgeous way.


Mellow Darkness

The Mellow Darkness icon pack prefers a darker shade for every visual approach – the icons are blacked out, so are the interfaces connected to it. There are almost 1400 icons n this pack and they abide by the Material Design standard set by Google since the Android 5.0 Lollipop. For great visuals on a newer Android smartphone model, Mellow Darkness is a great icon pack. Also for smartphones running Android 4.4 or lower, Mellow Darkness would help transform an Android device to a facelift.



The Google Pixel smartphones are quite on the higher side of the pricing scale, the pricing is out of a lot of people’s affordable range. However, that doesn’t really imply that an Android user needs to remain stuck to age-old Gingerbread interface. With the Pixel HD Icon pack, any Android device could be turned into a Pixel smartphone’s interface. The clarity is on point, the final output looks excellent.



The naming Lens was derived from the circular properties of Google’s designing schemes lately. Everyone eventually turns back to a circular icon shape since it tends to look great on smartphones. You might want to give Lens a try if you want to try something circular, the icon pack includes somewhat around 300 icons at this moment. The number is quite sufficient to keep a smartphone decorated for long, but you might have to switch to something else at a later time.



Rugos currently has around 1,500 icon packs in its library. They update the styles and redefines the style and looks on the existing collections. These icons have unique textures added to them and also unique color profiles. The semi-oval shape in the Rugos icons would fit on smartphones with rounded corners. Maybe if you own a latest Galaxy S7 Edge or a Pixel XL, Rugos would be a great icon pack to try.





Don’t let the name fool you on this icon pack with Pixel HD Icon Pack, but Pixie also sticks to the circular shape approach that Google has defined through their Material Design scheme. All the icons have 220×220 pixels resolution, which makes Pixie a great choice for high pixel density smartphones. We would recommend Pixie if you own a smartphone with QHD display or 1080p full HD at least.


Minimale Vintage

The name clearly states an old school approach towards icon design. If you are living in 2016 but miss the older icon packs in early day touchscreen smartphones or some features phones, then Minimale Vintage might be able to fill you up. There are 2000 icons in this icon pack. Minimale Vintage syncs with a lot of calendar apps as well.



If you are looking forward to uplifting your phone’s UI with an icon pack, these 5 should be on your wish-list in 2016.

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