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Top Five Best Power Banks in India

Top Five Best Power Banks in India

We can’t deny from the fact that we are crazy in using mobile phones in today’s time. All mobile phones do not have massive battery backup. In that case, we need power bank for backup. It’s also very much important during traveling, holidays trekking and obviously during power cut plus another emergency purpose. The different power bank is available in the market but we need to select a good one having long time power retaining capacity plus sufficient power output. Some of the highly preferred power bank by customers are listed below in theorder of their rating.


5. Asus 10050mAh Zen Power Bank
-With the capacity 10050mAh, it’s the fast charging power bank that is capable of charging almost all phones of high battery capacity up to 5 times. It has 2.4A output that offers high efficiency and speed charging.
-It takes 6 hours to get fully charged from nil to 100% when used with theadapter of 2A and it is indicated by the four LED which indicates 25% charge each. It uses Asus Power Safe Technology that saves charging thedevice from overvoltage, short circuit, adapter protection. It’s small flat shape and lightweight making it very portable.
-Currently, it is available at a price of Rs.1595

4. Mi 10000 mAh Power Bank
-It is a 10000mAh charging device from Xiaomi which provides value for its money. It can charge almost all phones, cameras, and tablets with high battery capacity up to 3-4 times. It takes 5 hours approx. to get charge itself using 2.1A input. The exclusive feature Xiaomi claims are that chips used in it increase the charging conversion rate up to 93%.
-It can charge only one device at a time. The smart 9 layered chips incorporated inside it makes it safe from over-voltage, short circuit, over charge. It is very decent in terms of look and portability.
-Currently, it is available at a price of Rs.1299.

3. PNY BE-740 10400 mAh Power Bank
-It a powerful and competent 10400 mAh power bank which can charge the3000mAh phone up to 3 times and tablets up to 2 times. It has got 2 output USB ports, one of which gives 1A and other gives 2A output. So we can charge two devices at same time.
-Itself it takes around 6 hours to get fully charged. The best part is that it gets Auto switch off when the device is fully charged itself, not for mobiles. It has four LED light which indicates the level of charge from 25% to 100%.
-Currently, it is available at a price of Rs.1109

2. COOLNUT 20000 mAh Power Bank
-It is a power bank with amassive battery capacity of 20000mAh with very high performance that can charge thehigh-end mobile battery of 4000mAh up to 5-6 times. It comes with 3 USB ports which facilitate multiple devices charging with amaximum output of 2.1A.
-It takes 6-7 hours to get fully charged which is indicated in the LCD power display fitted on it. For theproper protection of device, it is incorporated with IC protection and PCB technology that controls temperature, input and output voltages.
-Currently, it is priced at Rs.2000

1. Anker Power Core 20100 mAh Power Bank
-It’s the power bank with latest technology i.e. USB Type-C 20100 mAh power bank with Ultra Massive Capacity. It seems capable of chargingmobiles and tablets up to 7 times. Two USB ports are incorporated in it that facilitates multiple charging.
-In spite of being high capacity, it just takes 9 hours to charge itself fully as it has got quick charging type-C USB port with 2A charger. The voltage boost feature delivers astable current for device charging. It comes with 4 LED lights with indicating the level of charge.
-Currently, it is available at a price of Rs.2775

Hereinabove we have seen different types and capacity of power bank. The most important that a power bank should have is its high power retaining capacity in itself and battery capacity. After that, we can consider Charging rate, no. of ports and others. So, you can choose one of them to back up your mobile with power and avoid battery dead problem.

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