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Top Five Screen Recorder Software

Top Five Screen Recorder Software

 Videos are the preeminent tool to learn anything as it demonstrates theprocess in a sequential way. So we generally prefer to record anything with proper visualization and prominent audio. So screen recorder software can be used for this purpose. It helps to record personal matters like games, skype videos in HD quality and it can be used further forprofessional purposes like recording webinars, interviews, and business meetings. Plenty of free and paid video recording software are available out of which top 5 are discussed below with their utility, feature, and popularity.

  1. ScreenFlow by Telestream

-This software is capable of recording everything on thecomputer that includes awebcam, microphone, computer-audio and intact area of themonitor. It claims that it record the best quality screen capture with crystal clear audio. Screenflow provides the option of recording as well as editing of videos and share it on social media.

-It provides the option to add acaption and has no time limit even in thefree version but the drawback is that free version doesn’t allow to remove thewatermark. All the features are available in free version, but there is anoption to export videos without watermark in paid one.


  1. Icecream Screen Recorder

-This software claims spontaneous and very simple interface with the availability of varieties of option and tools to use when making screen recording and captures which gives the video of webinars and skype conversations professional look. Any are of the screen is recorded by it either screenshot vivid or video tape.

-It is capable of zooming videos during screen recording and various screen capture can be fixed using atimer but it has got many restrictions with afree version like time limit of 10 minutes, only WEBM format videos and no option to remove thewatermark.


  1. Screencast-O-Matic

-Like earlier software, it provides basic features like arecord from webcam and screen recording which can be used to record different business meetings and other personal stuff. The exclusive feature available with this software is that it has got theoption to upload videos to Screencast-O-Matic.com free server host and YouTube as well.

-But there is the time limit of 15 minutes in thefree version and thewatermark is visible and it can record audio only if thesystem is installed in Windows Vista or later. Plenty of features like removing watermark, varieties of editing tools and broadcast videos to Vimeo and Dropbox are available.


  1. iSpring Free Cam

-Needless to say that it records all types of screen components that include skype video, games, etc. What different feature comes with this software is that it has got options to confiscate background noise, apply audio effects and deleting rubbles of thevideo.

-A great part of this software is that it is absolutely free with no watermarks, time constraint or advertisement. Videos can be saved in full HD format and it provides editing tool to enhance the standard of the video. But thesad part is that it lacks webcam recording and video are to be exported in WMV format only.


  1. Camtasia

-With minimum exertion, we can record professional videos action on our computer. The differently incorporated feature in this software is that it allows to import HD videos into recording from anexternal source and videos containing links can be added to the videos to produce vibrant video content.

-It is capable of recording multiple videos and audio, incorporate animated items, assimilation with google drive. Also,free application is available to record videos on mobile and relocation to Camtasia for editing. The free version is available only for 30 days and commercial videos are not allowed to create in thefree version.


Reading the above features we have seen the advantages and disadvantages of different software. Some have atime limitation, some have alimitation in editing tools and others we can choose as per our profession that we are a teacher, doctor, etc. and requirement.

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