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Top Ten savings bank account India

Top 10 savings bank account India

A savings account is an account maintained by financial institutions that pay interest, but can’t be used as direct money (by writing a cheque).
There are eligibility criteria for opening a savings account. A savings account is a good investment option and if you are interested to open one, we provide you the top 10 saving bank accounts (Interest rates are important, but other criteria also keep in mind) in India.


10. Bank of Maharashtra mixie deposit scheme
Bank of Maharashtra provides Mixie deposit scheme and an individual is eligible either singly or jointly. The minimum amount is Rs.10000. There is auto liquidity with the mixie overdraft account. The Rate of interest for mixie overdraft account is 2% over and above the rate of deposit.

9. Oriental bank of commerce Flexi fixed deposit
OBC’s Flexi fixed deposit offers liquidity with higher returns on Fixed deposit funds. Sweep in and sweep out options are available.
There is a restriction on loan or Overdraft on the Fixed deposit. Sweep in amount is fixed at Rs.5000 and sweep out amount raised from Rs.1000 to Rs.2000.

8. Union savings Flexi deposit account
This is an offering of Union bank and has the features of both a saving account and fixed deposit with the following facilities:
The Debit card is provided to all account holders.
Free unlimited NEFT/RTGS facility
Free 5 cheque Books per year.
The minimum opening amount is Rs.50000

7. Axis bank Prime Savings Account
Axis bank is a major player in the Indian banking sector and is well equipped. Axis offers sweep in and sweep out facility and minimum deposit is Rs.25000 and withdrawal limit is Rs.50000 at ATMs.Encash 24 will give you the option for the liquidity of a savings account with the earnings of a fixed deposit. When the balance in the saving account crosses 25,000 money will be automatically transferred to fixed deposit which can be accessed by a cheque or ATM card. Fixed deposit will provide you higher interest rates.

6.Bank of India savings plus account
Bank of India is a trusted name in the banking world. This account has the benefits of both saving bank account and fixed deposit.
Minimum balance in SB is 25000 and in Deposit is Rs. 5000.Non maintenance of min.The Balance will attach a penalty of Rs.200/quarter. The rate of interest is 4% but the interest rate becomes higher on fixed deposit.

5.Citi banking Account
Citibank is an international bank with 44 branches in India. The account can be created by individuals earning Rs.100000 and above yearly. Employees of organizations in a tie up with Citibank suvidha, will have it easy. This account will provide you a world class experience and privileges like a free banker and a complimentary Citibank platinum debit card.

4.Yes bank smart saver account
Yes bank is one of India’s largest and fastest growing banks and is offering an interest rate of 6%-7%Yes bank’s smart saver account is a zero balance saving account with many benefits. You can get high returns as well as liquidity of savings account. There is also an overdraft facility through which you can withdraw 90% of the fixed deposit. You can also get account number of your choice with the yes bank.

3.HDFC savings max account
If you keep a good number of funds in your savings accounts, this is the savings account for you. Your Fixed deposit is linked with your savings account and provides you sweep in and sweep out facility. Money Maximizer option is available so as to provide you the highest interest rates. There will be no cheque rejects due to insufficient balance. There will be many additional perks with this account but the minimum monthly balance is Rs.25000.

2.SBI Basic savings bank account
SBI is the largest Indian bank.SBI has presence in the remote areas of India. SBI offers various banking services.
Interest Rate- 4%
ATMs- 21000
There is no minimum balance amount and anyone above 18 is eligible.

1.ICICI Advantage woman saving account
ICICI bank is the largest private sector bank in the Indian banking arena. ICICI is a trusted and reliable brand with huge customer base. ICICI provides good facilities and technology support.
Interest rate – 4%
One of the notable savings accounts is # Advantage woman savings Account. This provides zero balance facility with money multiplier facility. You can sweep in and sweep out the savings account with fixed deposit and enjoy higher interest rates. ICICI also provides 3 in 1 account which links your saving account to your demat/trading account.

We hope you found this article interesting and Informative. Here we listed top 10 saving bank account in India. Choose the one which suits your needs and requirements the most and gives you maximum overall benefit.

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